Real Estae

Real Estate

Nueve offers comprehensive solutions focused on the commercial real estate and construction industry, which currently leverages the mobile and web technologies to enables access and management of the vital information that spans across the enterprise — from high-volume transactions and costs to complex valuations and budget items. Some of our solutions include:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Financial modeling
  • Project risk assessments
  • Tax efficient structuring
  • Strategic services
  • Structured finance
  • Technology implementation
  • Project management oversight
  • Cost evaluation
  • facility planning decisions
  • Construction

    Field-associates, construction supervisors, executives, employees, clients and business partners are provided with relevant and timely information from the client’s core business applications without having to access those core applications thereby enabling business decisions that are based on cuur rrent information, rather than out dated and error- prone spread sheets.

    Our feature regarding construction service

    • Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Honest & Dependable
    • Effective Cost
    • Excellent Service
    • Safety Guarantee


    Why to choose Nueve ?

    The team of our experts keeps close communication with customers to understand their exact specifications and implement the same. Before delivering final project to our customers, our quality analysts ensure that every part is well-tested and live up to the mark to client expectations. Our task does not stop after the project delivery; we also provide after-delivery support to our customers.