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Manufacturing organizations around the world have implemented ERP applications and processes designed to manage information, product development, and transactions in specific areas of their business. But planning is only a part of the problem; the greater impact can be achieved with proper execution. While different applications can do particular functions reasonably well, an entire business process (from order to shipment) usually encompasses many individual processes across many systems and applications and many functions within different departments (check availability, credit check, order processing, shipping process, billing etc.).

In most cases, existing applications and individual processes were not designed to work together, so manufacturers have relied on human intervention to conduct activities that span the business, which increases costs and introduces delays and errors. The incompatibility between information and processes also prevents managers from monitoring key performance indicators in real time to proactively resolve order fulfilment bottlenecks, shorten time-to-market, and detect any friction within the supply and demand chain.

Supply Chain

Nueve solves these problems by aggregating and synchronizing transactions with data throughout the extended organization.

By doing so, Nueve enables manufacturers to optimize their operations for maximum speed, efficiency, and predictability at minimum costs; give customers and partners more complete and accurate information; and more quickly identify and respond to changes and opportunities throughout their business and in their market.

Supply Chain

Why to choose Nueve ?

The team of our experts keeps close communication with customers to understand their exact specifications and implement the same. Before delivering final project to our customers, our quality analysts ensure that every part is well-tested and live up to the mark to client expectations. Our task does not stop after the project delivery; we also provide after-delivery support to our customers. Some of our solutions include:

  • Maximum speed
  • Efficiency
  • Cost Effective
  • Proper Information
  • Complete Inventory Management
  • Proper Order Management
  • Return Management
  • Forecasting and Planning


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